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Cataract, or cloudiness of the clear lens of the eye, is the commonest cause of curable blindness in the world. Each year some 1¼ million people lose their sight because of it. Treatment for the condition is surgical, from which the results are excellent. This book is a comprehensive guide to the condition. The anatomy of the eye is fully described and is followed by clear descriptions of the causes, symptoms and treatment of cataract. The operation, including the use of intraocular implants, is explained, together with an outline of the pre- and post-operative care which may be expected. The extensive use of illustrations enhances the text. A glossary of terms and an appendix of the history of cataract complete a text which will be of immense help to all sufferers and their families. It will also be of value to health care professionals not only to help them understand the condition but also to recommend to their patients.

Faber & Faber, 1985, both hardback and paperback. 87 pages, illustrated

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